Paolina Allan finds plantar fasciitis relief with TP Therapy

From: Timex Multisport Team Blog

I’m coming back!

Posted in Racing by Paolina AllanWell, this year has proven to be one of the most difficult.  I have had to mourn my running.  I had reached out to every line of help, (or so I thought), Sports therapist, Massage, ART, Sports  Medicine Doctors, Foot Specialist, Foot Surgeons and then, the last one told me my running career was over and I would NEVER run the same, that’s if I could and that would be in several years.  I have a case of sever Plantar Fascia.  I sat in that office with my head tilted back so the tears would not slide down my face, by this point I was getting used to holding in the tears until I got home….oh and would stuff my face with whatever was in my fridge!
I decided to go down to Ironman Lake Placid, to hang out with TIMEX and chat to Cassidy at  Well, Cassidy looked me in the eye and TOLD me he would have me running.  He told me he would have me ready for an Ironman this year.  I got the chills all over my body, I absolutely believed him.  So on Saturday the day before the race Cassidy spent a LONG time on me, showing me how to use the TP Footballer, Quadballer and Massage Ball.  I got rid of all my orthotics and the leg splint that I was sleeping in. Thank goodness!

At first it was every other day running, with a slight bit of pain afterwards (need to be honest).  Now I am running over an hour at a good pace, with NO pain.  I’m now training for  I just did my first Triathlon last Sunday and I WON! My run was 59 seconds longer than last year.  Everyday I use the tp therapy products, it’s easy and I carry the rollers around with me everywhere, even in my handbag

What I learned 1.Never ever give up on yourself.  2. You have to take control of your own Health.  3.  All the years of fitness are like putting cardio in the bank, depositing and withdrawing.  Taking some time out is OK, it only hurts your brain.  Train smart and you will come back, strong and healthy. 4. Visit  before you start wasting your money on all kinds of therapy!

Stay Healthy  paolina allan

Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald wins IM USA

Paolina and the rest of Team Timex, such as IM USA winner Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald use TP Therapy for injury prevention and performance enhancement.


One thought on “Paolina Allan finds plantar fasciitis relief with TP Therapy

  1. Hi Paolina,

    I had a stress fracture of the fibula about 6 months ago, and since then have also had achilles pain. I had orthotics fitted abut 4 months ago and since then have got back to running gradually. It still takes at least 5 minutes ever morning for my achilles to wake up!

    I’ve just bought the full massage set from TP and tumbled across your story. I’ve found it very inspirational… and hope that I get the same benefits from the products as you have.

    Good luck in your career!


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