TP Starter Set review; from Marathon Moms

Dimity McDowell Davis has been training for the San Fransisco Marathon and used Trigger Point Performance Therapy to recover from pains and keep herself injury free. She recently awarded her TP Therapy tools “Best Engineering Effects” in for her Runner’s World blog: Marathon Moms. Read below and click the link for the whole blog entry.

tp starter set Best Engineering Effects: Trigger Point Performance Therapy Tools. I invested in this DIY massage kit after injury #2, which is when a top triathlete, who tested it for a gear story I was writing, couldn’t rave enough about it. (He’s not alone: check out the testimonials on the site.) Based on the idea that you have to focus the root of problem, not necessarily the injury–for example, plantar fasciitis is treated via the soleus muscles, not on the foot–the products are both incredibly proactive and preventative. I roll out my lower half at least four times a week, and can’t believe how much more pliant and loose my muscles feel. Two caveats: the process is intense–although you control how deep you go into the muscles, it’s far from comfortable, at least for me–and the kit is expensive (the one shown here is $70). But when you consider that’s about the average price of one massage, and this can be used for a lifetime of massages, no appointment necessary, it’s a steal.


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