Wind Tunnel Testing: Cycling with TP Therapy

Cassidy Phillips and John Cobb at the Wind TunnelTrigger Point Technologies and Cassidy Phillips were back in the wind tunnel at Texas A&M this past week. Trigger Point sponsored the Texas Tri Camp put on by Joe Friel, John Cobb, and Tom Rodgers. Cassidy Phillips was also a guest lecturer at the camp. The purpose of the camp was to instruct top level triathlon coaches on how to better their services to their coaching clients and to improve their athlete’s performance.



Wind TunnelCobb presented his theories on bicycle aerodynamics in the wind tunnel. The test cyclist was put into his aero position and a level of drag was established. Then, Cassidy Phillips went through some TP Therapy work on the cyclists quads, psoas and piriformis areas- all in the hip region. The cyclist was then able to rotate their hips forward and hold that position for an extended period of time.

Wind Tunnel 2

What’s the significance?  By holding this position, the rider decreased his drag by over a pound. This would result in an estimated 1 minute 45 second gain over a 40km ride, and an impressive 6 minutes on an ironman distance course. Furthermore, this position allows for proper breathing, which will lower the heart rate and improve wattage throughout the ride. This allows for a better ride, and a better run off the bike in a triathlon. These numbers continue to solidify the importance of maintaining elasticity in the muscles by using Trigger Point Performance Therapy products.


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