Texas Triathlon Camp for Coaches

bike fittingIn sport, a great coach can make the difference in an athlete reaching the fullest potential and achieving their goals. In the sport of triathlon, the coach is no different.

This past weekend at the Texas Triathlon Camp, over 25  top triathlon coaches gathered to expand their knowledge and services to their athletes. The coaches attended lectures from Joe Friel (training bible/ultrafit), Cassidy Phillips (TP Therapy), John Cobb (blackwell research), Tom Rodgers (endurathon, ultrafit) and more. These lectures, testing sessions, and hands on instruction were geared towards expanding the services of the coaches attending the camp.

bike fit 2

The Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL), T-Mobile Cycling, Rogue Training Systems (marathon/triathlon), and countless triathlon programs are just a few that have integrated TP Therapy into their training programs. Coaches can implement and instruct Trigger Point Performance Therapy to prevent injury and keep their athletes performing at their best.

ttc_lecture_demo.jpgBrowse the new and growing Trigger Point Provider Network to find a certified Trigger Point coach, personal trainer, or therapist in your area.


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