Peter Reid @ East Side Multisport in Seattle

Peter Reid and Cassidy Phillips

Cassidy Philips was in Seattle last weekend talking to a group of people at ECM, with Peter Reid. The focus of this event was to let Peter tell his story about how TPT got him his lifestyle back. There were discussions of how Phillips changed Peter’s bike fit and running style so that his biomechanics would allow him to run pain free and fast. Then we went over how our products work, where and what TP Therapy products Peter uses and why. Peter is an avid user of the TPT products and wanted everyone there to know that this isn’t some paid type sponsorship or obligation. He came to Seattle from his home in Canada on his own dime to tell people how powerful TPT products and methodologies are.

Peter Reid @ East Side Multisport in Seattle

It’s hard for people to understand that I went from being one of the best runners in the sport of triathlon to not being able to run at all. Trigger Point has changed my life and the way I look at life. I understand that genetics will only get you so far you still have to give back to your body. I always wanted a traveling therapist while I was racing and now I have one. With what I learned from Cassidy I can work on myself any time any place any where. I’m telling you I would not be running if it weren’t for these products. Says Peter Reid

Now, Peter did mention that he’s not coming back to race as a triathlon Pro, but he said he had to admit once he was able to run again and run fast the thought did cross his mind. At one point he felt better than he did the last time he won Kona.

Well we wish Peter the best and we’re very thankful for him telling people the realities of our products.

The other amazing part of the weekend was those that wanted to know how we achieved what we did in the wind tunnel. How awesome is that.

Cassidy Phillips at eastside multisport in Seattle

I want people to understand that our company isn’t just about a product it’s about performance and lifestyle, no matter what type of performance, we want to assist you in your every need. Last week we were at the wind tunnel talking about aerodynamics next week we may be in some ones office looking at how they sit at their desk offering better ways to breath and how our Block can assist in the process. At the end of the day it’s about empowerment and education our products will sell themselves, say’s Cassidy Phillips


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