Fred Taylor with the TP Massage Ball

fred-taylor-jaguars.jpgFred Taylor, star running back of the Jacksonville Jaguars was recently spotted with his TP Massage Ball in hand during a home game at Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville. The TP Massage Ball and other TP Therapy tools are for everyone: from Taylor, to triathlete Peter Reid, to the person trying to get in shape for the first time. Taylor is one of the captains on this year’s 11-5 playoff bound Jaguar team.

Taylor has gained over 1,200 yards and is averaging 5.4 yards per carry this season despite sharing time with fellow back, Maurice Jones-Drew. This marks Taylor’s seventh 1,000 yard season in his 10 year career since coming out of the University of Florida. NFL running backs take a beating week in and week out, having the shortest average career life of only 2.5 years.

fred-taylorFred was also seen using the TP Massage Ball on the sidelines (although you can’t see the ball) to stay loose and healthy heading into this years playoffs. The Jaguars play the Pittsburgh Steelers in the opening round of the playoffs this Saturday at 8 p.m. ET in Pittsburgh.

Completing his 10th year as a star back in the NFL means Taylor has taken care of his body to prevent the nagging or career ending injury. The Trigger Point Performance Therapy tools, such as the TP Massage Ball, are one factor in Taylor’s future health.

Whether you are an NFL running back, in need for therapy for an injury such as plantar fasciitis, or simply want to prevent future injuries so you can keep your new year’s resolution of getting in shape, Trigger Point Performance Therapy can be the solution.


One thought on “Fred Taylor with the TP Massage Ball

  1. If the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to beat New England, there can’t be any squandered 18-point leads in the fourth quarter, with both sides of the ball going ice cold for nearly the final third of the game. There can’t be costly Garrard interceptions down the stretch, or the suddenly shoddy pass defense that Jacksonville’s secondary displayed during the Steelers’ big comeback. It’s going to take the Jaguars best possible game, and not the 40-minute version we saw Saturday night.

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