Official Myofascial Release Tools of CrossFit Running Certification Program.

Trigger Point recently formed a relationship with Brian MacKenzie a certified CrossFit Trainer and Endurance athlete. He has brought together professionals in the running community to create a CrossFit Running Certification program. Last weekend they had a test run with 25 Crossfit affiliates from across the country, the reviews were more than impressive.

Jeff Alexander CrossFit Cert
We at TriggerPoint are excited to be the Official “Myofascial Release” products of the certification program. Jeff Alexander, a level one U6 certified TPT instructor, was on hand at the event his roll in the CrossFit Running Cert was to provide hands-on instruction of the proper uses of the Trigger Point Technologies tools for any number of overuse injuries associated with poor running mechanics. In addition to the two 2-hour presentations on the U6 manipulations, He work with each athlete separately or in small groups throughout the two-day certification.

If you want to know more about Brian and his program please visit:

Great Job guys and keep up the great work!


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