Congratulations to Haley Johnson for her 52nd finish in the 10k pursuit World Championships!

Haley in frontHaley Johnson (Lake Placid, NY) a Trigger Point Therapy athlete, sponsor and avid user of TP Technologies methodology and products “was the only US competitor in the Women’s 10K Pursuit, starting in 53rd position, and finishing 52nd. Johnson finished with five penalties, 7:04.3 behind Andrea Henkel of Germany who won another Gold medal to go with the one she won in yesterday’s Sprint. Henkel again shot clean, finishing in 28:56.

Johnson stayed near 50th position throughout the competition, picking up single penalties in the first three stages. In the final standing stage, she missed the first and last shots, resulting in two penalty loops, which dropped her back to 53rd at the finish. She commented on the final shooting stage, “I knew where everyone was as I started the fourth loop. Henkel was closing in on me. (If Henkel lapped Johnson, the US athlete would have been out of the competition). I pushed hard on the whole loop to keep ahead of her. When I came in to shoot, I was very tired and missed those shots. It was a good race for me.””


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