Linsey Corbin’s Maui Excursion!


Linsey Corbin, a sponsored athlete of Trigger Point Technologies, has been at a training camp in Maui for almost ten days with Coach Lance, Chris Lieto, Kim Loeffler, Brent McMahon and Aaron Altura! So far the camp has exceeded her expectations in so many ways.

One of her many highlights of the trip included seeing the migratory humpback whales. Perhaps even more remarkable, while swimming in the ocean, she could actually hear them calling out to each other under the water.


Because her fitness and wellbeing have progressed further than she had anticipated, Linsey has now decided to race Ironman Arizona. Yes! She will be toeing the line for the Ironman 6 weeks from tomorrow. This was not something that she had planned, however the more she thought about it the more excited she became.

We at Trigger Point are all look forward to seeing her race. She is a strong competitor and now coming from this amazing camp she will be rejuvenated and ready to perform to her best abilities. Watch out Ironman Arizona here comes Linsey Corbin.

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