Trigger Point Technologies goes International

Lj Miller

Trigger Point Technologies Sales Manager Lj Miller recently returned from a sales trip to the United Kingdom. Lj was able to visit with and teach our U6 Clinic information to one of our top UK accounts in in south London.

Balance Performance Physiotherapy is an amazing facility that gives clients the opportunity to improve performance beyond pre-injury levels.

They achieve this by having a complete team of professionals with a common goal and attitude. Each has specialist skills in the many and varied phases of progression.

Balance intervenes from initial treatment of an acute or chronic injury (whether sports or spinal) or post-surgically; through rehabilitation and specific soft tissue work; through end stage rehab, strength, fitness, conditioning and control: finally offering guidance and long term strategies to achieve independence, ongoing optimal performance, health, wellness, well-being and resilience to further overuse injuries.

Using TPT products is one such strategy.

Their ever evolving team includes physiotherapists, strength and conditioning, various control and movement specialists, sports masseurs, dietetician, dance and Pilate’s teachers, podiatrists, sports physicians, acupuncturists both western and eastern, Chi Gung teacher, sports psychologist and an expanding network of effective practitioners locally and internationally.

dsc00491.jpg Balance Physio Information;

020 7627 2308



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