Trigger Point and (ART) Active Release Technique comes together!!

Trigger Point Technologies and ART, Active Release Technique, have found a relationship that is truly making a positive impact on athletes and non-athletes alike.

If you’ve been to an Ironman Event here in North America you’ve seen both parties working separately for the greater good of the athletes. “What we want people to know is that we are in support of each other and our methodology’s,” said Cassidy Phillips founder of Trigger Point Technologies.

ART is a combination of examination and treatment. The ART provider uses his or her hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements.

TPT products offer a myofascial release technique based off of compression, bringing additional blood flow and oxygen to general areas of the body defined by either Trigger Point Technologies homecare methodologies or by the ART practitioner.

This combination will allow individuals to bridge the gap between the clinical office and the home. With the two forms of therapy working together an athlete or someone that’s dealing with chronic pain will be enabled to get ahead of the curve and assist their therapist in the process of healing.

It’s as if the TPT tools are the toothbrush and the ART Practitioner is the dentist, neither are trying to replace one another rather they are complimenting one another.

ART treatment protocols encompass over 500 specific moves that are unique to ART. They allow providers to identify and correct the specific problems that are affecting each individual patient. TPT products take a more general approach, treating specific areas with products that are designed to mirror the feeling of an actual hand. The specific ART moves are clearly defined and are irreplaceable. The TPT products assist with additional blood flow and oxygen to aid in the recovery and preventative maintenance process pre, post or during ART treatments.

“You will soon see additional information on the website regarding the relationship between ART and TPT. It is TPT’s objective to give our visitors the best form of therapy possible, this is why we’ve chosen to associate ourselves with Mike Leahy and his team of ART practitioners,” say’s Phillips


5 thoughts on “Trigger Point and (ART) Active Release Technique comes together!!

  1. I need to find a massotherapist in my area that does Active Release Therapy. I live in Warren, Ohio, which is the north east. Can you please provide me with names?

  2. In 2002 I discovered Active Release Techniques, ART, a medically patented technique developed by Dr. Michael Leahy. I was amazed at the ART treatment I personally received which immediately resolved my chronic shoulder, knee, and ankle problems that had responded minimally to other types of care. ART gave me my life back. I got my “game” back, I began running, cycling, swimming, etc.. I give all the credit to ART.

  3. I hurt myself sliding in softball. It hurts right in my left buttock. I was told I probably pinched a nerve and they are bound up and could be fixed by using the trigger point release. Do you know of any providers in the South Bend Indiana area?

    • Currently we do not have anyone active in Trigger Point Therapy technique in that area. Please contact Fleet Feet -Schererville at (219) 864-1000 or Three Rivers Running Co at (260) 496-8000 to see if they have any instructors whom might be able to assist. Thank you!

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