Gregg Cook

Trigger Point Technologies would like to recognize Gregg Cook as having the top referrals for March 2008. Gregg is a national fitness educator with certifications from ACE and AFFA, 8 years of modern dance and movement training, and over 8 years in the fitness industry. For 4 years, he has been recognized as one of the best instructors in New York City in New York Magazine.

“I have had some issues with very tight muscles around my hips, glutes, piriformis, TFL mostly, to the point of having a little numbness radiating down my quads. After using the TP massage ball for about a week I was no longer experiencing the radiating numbness down my leg. I also use the other products on a daily basis. I teach 21 classes a week plus 10 personal training sessions and my own training in NYC. That is a lot of running around on top of a physically demanding schedule. The TP products have made a huge difference in the speed of my muscles recovery time. It’s like having a massage therapist with you on call all day every day.”

Class“In my job I have people come up to me regularly asking about how to deal with muscle and joint pain, planter fasciitis, as well as many overuse injuries. After having such great personal success with the TPT products it easy for me to recommend these products with great enthusiasm and belief. I also use them all the time in the gym and people are curious about what I am doing. I let them try the product and it sells itself really.”


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