Trigger Point Technologies and Active Release Technique at Ironman Arizona

TPT was able to participate in something new this year at Ironman Arizona. For the first time Cassidy Phillips, founder of TPT, and Mike Leahy, Founder of ART, were able to speak on the topic of how creating positive biomechanics will affect cycling performance. Mike worked on specific areas of the lower back and in the SI joint region. This allowed the rider to be more comfortable and generate more power on the peddles while creating a cleaner peddle stroke. Beneficially the heart rate lowered as well, creating a solid foundation for a better bike time on an Ironman course. Mike and Cassidy then agreed that the best way to address the day to day biomechanical challenges is to use the TPT products. Using the Tools in association with seeing your ART Provider is going to give you the advantage you need to stay healthy and perform at your best.

After working with ART providers and using TPT tools to manipulate muscle groups such as the piriformis, quadriceps, soleus, and pectoral muscles, athletes can immediately notice a difference in the muscle tissue. This newly generated muscle elasticity is crucial in sustaining a top level of performance while maintaining a superior aerodynamic position, all while providing the athlete with added wattage and power previously lost in inefficient biomechanics caused by exceedingly tight muscles and/or trigger points.”

To learn more about what Trigger Point has done in the wind tunnel related to this topic please read the linked post.

TPT is also very proud of all the athletes that participated in the 2008 Ford IM Arizona Triathlon. With temperatures in the mid-90s and enervating winds on the outbound leg of the three-loop bike course conspired to plant this season’s opening event firmly into the record books as having the third highest dropout rate in Ironman history. Nearly 18% of the field failed to make it to the finish line.

For those who carried on, and for those who watched, it was a very exciting day. The pro men put on a stunning display of competitive fire, with only 73 seconds separating the first and fourth finishers. TPT is very happy to report that four out of the six IM Arizona top men’s pro athletes are currently using our products:

Second Pace – TJ Tollakson, Des Moines IW. – 8:34:36
Third Place – Jordan Rapp, Scarborough, NY. – 8:35:04
Fourth Place – James Bonney, Austin. TX. – 8:35:32
Sixth Place – Jonathon Caron, CAN. – 8:48:01

And three out of the top eight IM Arizona women’s pro athletes are currently using TPT products.

Third Place – Heather Gollnick, Bradenton, FL. – 9:32:07
Fifth Place – Linsey Corbin, Missoula, MT. – 9:34:38
Eighth Place – Hillary Biscay, Tuscon, AZ. – 9:53:21


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