One Mans Race

Carl Asker

Your TPT products are fantastic. I was a skeptic for a very long time and it took an injury, unfortunately, for me to try your products. The TPT products and education are awesome period! Because of my struggle with Lyme disease the TPT system is a necessity for me after each run in order to prepare me for my next run. My legs need tender love and care straight after each run. Running an ultra marathon requires careful preparation and the Footballer is my calf’s best friend.

Lyme disease does not discriminate, it can happen to any healthy individual just like it did to me. It has spread across the whole US. Lyme disease is an outdoor man’s and parents nightmare. I do tick checks on my kids every evening. Having had, possibly still having and having many friends who still suffer from this disease we are initially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia! There are similarities and we need to create research on every front and angle and start thinking outside the box. For more information on my cause please follow the link – One Mans Race 200 Miles for Lyme Disease Awareness.


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