Trigger Point U6 Classes in Australia

The first Trigger Point U6 certification in Australia went very well, the class wasn’t to large so we were able to get real specific when it came to the application of using our product with the specific sports the participants treated, coached, or participated in.
U6 Certification Australia

The class was hosted at CrossFit Effects (CFX), the owners of the gym were in the Special Forces for the Australian Army. Commander Steve was on the TV show the Biggest Loser in Australia. Their facility is awesome and they are really supporting Trigger Point Technologies and our efforts in Sydney.

Several therapists attended the class and all look forward to furthering their relationship with TPT. The awesome part about this was that none of them really knew much about us before attending the class, they were blown away by the effectiveness of the tools and the methodology.

crossfit Effects
I am really looking forward to our first RE-Gen class which takes place on Monday night, there are over 30 people signed up for the class so it should be exciting. This class is in Sydney and our next class on Friday is in Melbourne.

This is a very exciting time for TPT being that we are really extending our global reach and seeing incredible success. It’s a great feeling to get out of the car, see someone wearing the Trigger Point tee shirt and they feel compelled to come over, introduce themselves and say thank you for such an awesome product. There was one guy in particular that stopped his workout to say that he doesn’t travel with out our products and between the CrossFit training and the TPT tools, he now has a quality of life that he was afraid he’d never get back.

Kristian Manietta, has been the driving forces to get everything going in Australia and he is doing a great job. He is actually a triathlon coach that has been able to coach his wife in to winning Ironman Western Australia, she has one of the top 10 fastest ,women, Ironman finishes in the history of the sport. How awesome is it to have that kind of coach pushing your company in his native country.


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