Trigger Point Technologies fighting Cerebral Palsy in Australia

By far the most inspirational part of my trip to Australia so far is working with Alan Howard. Alan is a guy that suffers from Cerebral Palsy and isn’t willing to let it stop him from being his personal best. Commando Steve, from CrossFit FX and one of the trainers from Biggest Looser in Australia, put me in touch with him wondering if there was any application for our products and the muscular dysfunction Alan has to battle on a regular basis.

Trigger POint Technologies in Australia

Of course after Steve told me about Alan and what his athletic desires were I said I had to meet him. Alan is an inspiration to us all, he has drive focus and determination. He say’s yes when others say no. This allowed me to do what I do, after looking at his patterns of movement I pulled out the TPT tools and went to work.


It was my objective to give him a little more range of motion when it came to walking, squatting, strict presses and pull-ups. These are some of the core moves for Crossfit training. Of course these moves are challenged due to Alan’s lack of elasticity within the muscle.

I first worked on his soleus with the Footballer then used the TP Ball for some more specific work. I rolled through his calf and peronials. His peronials were basically solid mass, due to the prolonged period of lack of movement…….long of the short he moved his foot!!!!

Now we’re not talking about a lot. We are talking a very little a millimeter or so, this was amazing for Alan. You could see when he walked that he loaded the ball of his foot, you could also see that when he went down into a squat his heel stayed on the ground the entire time. This was such a huge accomplishment and ego boost for Alan.

This pumped us all up, so we continued on our quest addressing his limitations when it came to over strict presses and Pull-ups.

I worked through his lats, extensors and flexors of the forearm, Pec major and minor, and his triceps. The results blew all of our minds.


Alan went from being able to do 2-3 pull ups at once, to doing 6 right in front of our eyes. He said he couldn’t believe the strength and power he felt during each pull up. It was something he couldn’t describe!! Wow!!



Alan then did several strict presses with a 10k bar, the first onesbefore working on him, he had assistance from his CrossFit trainer Steve.

After I worked on him, he needed very little assistance and had an incredible amount of positive change in his biomechanics. Alan said that this was once of the most amazing days of his life, this gave him confidence and strength to truly do things others would say isn’t possible. What an awesome day!!!


The pictures speak for themselves. I am going to post some video so you can see the difference and hear what he has to say. I couldn’t wait to get this up on our blog so you have to settle for pictures now. How amazing, how inspirational . It’s amazing what our products and methodologies can do and it’s amazing how strong people can be.

Thanks Alan keep it up!!!


One thought on “Trigger Point Technologies fighting Cerebral Palsy in Australia

  1. I was both intrigued and somewhat elated to see the results of trigger point therapy on a cerebral palsy sufferer. I have that conditon myself, though not of the spastic type. It affects my left side mainly, with the left leg and foot displaying some inflexibility and also remnants of an “equine gait.”

    Do you know of anyone in the Gainesville, Florida area acquainted with your protocol that might help me?


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