Trigger Point Continues their quest in Australia

I’ve been in Melbourne for the past few days with out Kristian our Distributor down here in AUS meeting with various shops that carry our products.

While at CBD bike shop, David the manager asked if it is at all possible to take a look at a young girl that has just gone through surgery for compartmental syndrome in the lower leg. Freddy is her name and she’s been battling this problem for quite some time. Apparently she’s still dealing with some major pain, it always disappoints me when I don’t think surgery is ultimately necessary but people are guided in that direction anyway. Long of the short I told him to ask her to come to the Regen class we were having later that night and I’d take a look.

This Re-Gen class was smaller than the last which turned out to be very beneficial for all that attended, Kristian and I were able to give more one on one attention which really resulted in more empowerment for the attendees. Each person was dealing with something different and all were fed up with the forms of treatment they had been going through. There were a few that had a mental imprint of the way the products were supposed to be used, by the end we cleared everything up fro them. It was really an aweomse class with some great results.

Now back to Freddy, she came to the class and I took a look at what was going on, she had to scars on each leg in the area of the anterior tibialis. She said that she hadn’t really found the relief she was looking for post surgery. She said once she started running she was forced to deal with relentless pain that mirrored the same pain she was dealing with before the surgery.

I asked if anyone had ever done anything to the back of her leg, in the gastroc soleus region. She said no. I then placed her leg ontop of the footballer and started the educational process…….Deep breathe, release, come up with the knee, rotate the foot in a circle and Holy Crap she says. That hurts………Unbelievable right, you see the muscles in the back of the leg connect in the bottom of the foot and the muscles in the front of the leg connect I nthe top of the foot. So if you never address the antagonist and the protagonist you may never get ride of the problem that’s causing other symptoms.

Let’s just say she couldn’t believe the difference using the footballer made, I then took her through the other area’s we treat on the Foot Dysfunction DVD, single ball, double ball and how to address the anterior tibialis……..after doing all of this with tears in her eyes she said, my legs feel better than they did before I had the surgery. We caught her on video saying a few words, check it out below. Ultimately she was amazed and is now a true believer in our methodologies and products.

I told her and everyone at the class that our products should be your first line of defense when addressing nagging muscular pain or joint dysfunction. I mean what do you have to lose, a few dollars??

We hope that with our education on our new dvd’s and our website you can understand biomechanics and how they can cause muscular and joint dysfunctions and how muscular dysfunctions can cause biomechanical and joint dysfunction. It’s a vicious cycle you see every bone has a muscle that surrounds it and every joint has a muscle and a tendon that supports it, so if our muscles get tight and loose elasticity you are going to be forced to deal with problems, that just the way the cookie crumbles!!!


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