Continued Success

Alan Howard, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, was first introduced to Trigger Point Technologies when Cassidy Phillips, the founder and CEO of TPT, traveled to Australia in May of 2008. After working with Cassidy, Alan discovered the benefits of the TPT tools. To read more about Alan’s experience in Australia with Cassidy read “Trigger Point Technologies fighting Cerebral Palsy in Australia.” Below is Alan’s most recent results from the use of the TPT products.

“Your products are truly amazing. I’ve been working with them daily since your visit and Steve and I devote at least 20 minutes after training to stretching with the Trigger Point Massage Ball and Footballer.

I have had a rather large callus on my right foot (which is my affected leg) just under my big toe for at least two years. It was caused by the way I walk and was extremely painful to walk on for long periods of time. Since using Trigger Point, the callus has all but disappeared and I can walk on my leg pain free! So I’d like to say thank you Cassidy. I don’t know what I did before Trigger Point.”


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