Into The Gym

Jeff Alexander

I went into the gym to do a workout that consisted of three exercises: Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk. I did 5 sets of each with as much weight as possible on the bar.

For the presses I did only one repetition per set, the push presses included 3 reps per set, and the push jerks included 5 reps per set. Because I didn’t have a squat rack or set of stands to hold the barbell for me, I needed to lift the weight from the floor to my shoulders for every set. Simply put, I did 1 clean for every set with the load for that set.

The workout includes 45 repetitions of holding the bar at shoulder level and lifting through one method or another to complete extension overhead. I did a couple warm-up sets of 10 reps of presses. By the 4th set of the push presses my wrists were really starting to bug me, especially the right one. I had my TP kit with me, and decided to see if rolling my forearm like I would roll my soleus could help my wrists feel better. WOW! It took the sensitivity and discomfort down by at least 50-75% each time that I did it. I rolled again after the workout, and today I have zero wrist sensitivity. The last time I did this workout I had the same issue with my wrists, but didn’t roll out during nor after the workout. It took my wrists about 4-5 days to feel normal again after that workout. Today I feel about 10% of the tension in my wrist that I felt last night, but more importantly I feel like I can do another workout just like last night. I can’t believe how quickly my wrist is recovering…it’s awesome!

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