Outpost In Iraq

LT Emre Albayrak Request To Trigger Point

“I am writing to you from an outpost in Iraq where I am currently deployed.  I have been using Trigger Point products for the past 5 years and have always seen amazing results. Trigger Point products have helped me work through numerous issues that come as a result of being a competitive age group duathlete and the daily demands of my job.  So it was a let down when I couldn’t pack my trigger point kit with me to Iraq due to space and weight restrictions.  Once we got into the country the rigors of being on my feet all day, patrolling with body armor, being crammed in humvees seats for hours on end and trying to stay active by running started taking its toll on my body, and manifested itself in the early forms of plantar fasciitis in my left foot.

Upon hearing that I was trying to get a Plantar Kit mailed out to me in Iraq so that I could keep functioning in a relatively pain free manner, and not letting down my team or fellow Marines, Cassidy Phillips and the Trigger Point family was kind enough to send me a Plantar Fasciitis Kit.  I have been using the PF kit on a daily basis in between our busy schedules and already I can feel the pain going away and the elasticity coming back to my soleus.  I just wanted to thank everyone at Trigger Point Performance Therapy for making such a superior product and supporting your loyal customers even if they are halfway around the world in an active combat zone.  You have kept me in the fight, thank you.”

LT Emre Albayrak
Military Transition Team 221


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