Chicago Marathon

Trigger Point just returned from the Chicago Marathon where we met and worked with many great athletes. With a race that accommodates over 40,000 runners we were able to meet people from all different training backgrounds. They varied from the pro athlete to the everyday runner. Regardless their training many of them were having muscle pain. Some of the most common injuries we dealt with at the race expo were Plantar Fasciitis, shin splints, knee pain, IT Band syndrome, sciatica and back pain.   Because most of the runners were dealing with Plantar Fasciitis or other associated foot and ankle pain we were able use the Footballer and TP Massage Ball to treat their pain and get them running pain-free for the race. Having the ability to work directly with the athletes allows us to answer any questions they might have about why they have the pain and the best solution for treating it.

We want to congratulate all the runners that participated in the Chicago Marathon and look forward to seeing them again in 2009.


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