The Running Event


We had a great time exhibiting at The 2008 Running Event Expo at the Dallas Convention Center last week. The Running Event is a conference and trade show that draws running retailers and vendors from all over the country.

Each person that visited our booth had the opportunity to use all of the TP tools to experience first-hand the benefits of the deep tissue massage. Many of those who had heard of Trigger Point but had never used the tools said that they could really feel the difference!

We loved being able to talk with store owners, managers and staff about our products and to hear their goals for their stores and their customers. We provided tips on proper use of the TP tools, and we introduced our new Ulitmate 6 DVD that will be available in 2009.

Trigger Point also had two of our Amerikenyan Running club athletes, who TP sponsors, come by the booth. They shared some of their experiences with the TP products and how they have enhanced their racing and muscle health. Above is a photo of the Founder/CEO of Trigger Point Cassidy Phillips (center), Haron Lagat (left) and Joseph Mutinda (right).

We congratulate all the producers and sponsors for hosting such a great event!


2 thoughts on “The Running Event

  1. I promised this note one year ago, on Thanksgiving eve. I called to modify my online order. I hurt my back and had sciatica pain, and ordered the TP Quadballer. I talked to a very helpful representative, who turned out to be the owner, Cassidy Phillip.

    The phone was ringing, and he just had to answer it. As a small business owner, I understand and appreciate that “customer-first” mentality.

    I wrote a blog about Three Laws of Customer Support.

    Thanks for the product and support, Cassidy.

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