Trigger Point works with U-23 National Cycling Team

Last week Trigger Point Performance Therapy was asked to visit Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in Austin TX to work with Kevin Livingston of Pedal Hard.

The U-23 National Cycling Team and their coach Axel Merckx were in town for their mini camp.

Kevin Livingston and Adam Biechlin of Mellow Johnny’s fit each rider to their new TREK Livestrong team bike using the Retul fit system. Afterwards Kevin used an SRM power meter bike testing each rider to gauge their current fitness for the upcoming season.

Trigger Point served the purpose of working with each athlete to help bring more elasticity to the muscles before the testing stage. Riders were able to produce more power and experienced more flexibility by rolling the soleus region along with the calf to help de tension the muscle.

All of the riders were subjected to the TP Footballer and TP Massage Ball while some used the TP Quadballer as well for the upper leg as well.

Adam, Kevin and Axel were great to work with and the team looks ready to go for 2009.

Axel Merckx has his soleus worked on

Axel Merckx has his soleus worked on

Oddly enough the first one to go was the guy who has ridden the most, Axel himself.  I worked with him to loosen his lower legs.
Lj works with Taylor Kuphaldt
Taylor Phinney seemed to like the TP Quadballerthe best. He put it to good use right after his ride. He was a little tight initially, but the Quadballer helped de tension his quads.
Taylor testing after his soleus and calf manipulation

Taylor Phinney and Lj

Taylor testing after his soleus and calf manipulation The testing and fit system was a good one as the riders has access to all of the newer technology in both Retul and SRM. Ben cooling down on a computrainer Ben King was also a fan of the products as he and I visited the longest. As the day progressed he actually got a full ride on a computrainer.  I had a nice visit with Taylor on his upcoming season. He’s a good guy a was great to work with. I have a feeling that he is about to break out to a big season this year.
Kevin Livingston with Lj and Axel Merckx

Kevin Livingston with Lj and Axel Merckx

Both Kevin and Axel were extremely professional and organized. We all worked well together for the team.

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