2009 Racing Season: New Bike, New People

April is a busy month for everyone here at Trigger Point Performance.  

On the events and travel side of things, we’ve got the Oceanside 70.3, the Boston Marathon, two overseas trips (to opposite sides of the globe), and a ton of prep work to consider for all of our other events (like Ironman Disney, Rock-n-Roll San Diego, and so on). 

From an operations stand point, we’re on the verge of releasing a new product that’s certain to be popular with everyone from elite athletes to “soccer moms” – we can’t quite disclose the final details yet, but please stay tuned to our primary site, tptherapy.com, and our blog here.  Trust us when we say this new product is extremely cool.

We’ve also hired a new Operations Manager and will “introduce” him to you in a bit.  Our former Operations Manager, Thomas, has transitioned into the role of East Coast and International Sales Manager; we’re excited for him, and are certain he’ll continue to do great things for Trigger Point and our customers.  

And that brings us to the “fun” part of this post.  We’re a relatively small company, and as such we invest a lot of time and effort into our work lives.  So, it’s both exciting and a pleasure to enjoy some of the perks that come with being part of a small (but growing!) company.  When someone at the office gets a new toy, we all bask in the glow.  And few things glow as bright as a new bike, which is exactly what Cassidy just took delivery of.  

For those not in the know, Cassidy is a huge fan of steel and titanium bikes.  He’s old school, and he can’t really help it (some day we’ll tell you about his 300-year old Sidi riding shoes that he refuses to give up).  Being old school carries a certain amount of “cool” with it, as evidenced by his new ride, a Litespeed Archon.  It’s 16-pounds of sheer bicycling bliss – it looks rad, with its sexy lines and “don’t mess with me” naked finish.  Take a look at this bad boy:

Cassidy's Litespeed Argon

Cassidy's Litespeed Archon

The original plan called for SRAM Red components, but apparently it’s easier to source hen’s teeth than to find someone who has a complete SRAM groupo in stock and ready to ship.  So, for the time being, Cassidy fit his new steed with a pretty trick Shimano Ultegra SL kit.  Call us crazy, but we really like how the gunmetal grey Ultegra gear compliments the naked Archon finish.  Cassidy objected to us taking a photo of the bike with the Cane Creek wheel on the front (he was dying to ride it, so he threw that wheel on), but we were so excited and enamored by the bike that we couldn’t resist snapping a few photos and posting them here.

The weather here in Austin was absolutely gorgeous – partly cloudy, mid-seventies, and a light breeze, so a few of us donned the Trigger Point cycling gear and hit the road to “help” Cassidy with his shakedown run.  Here’s Cassidy (left) and Steve (our new Operations Manager on right) as they left the office for a quick spin.

Cassidy and Steve in the Trigger Point Cycling Kits

Cassidy and Steve in the Trigger Point Cycling Kits

After posing for that quick photo (thanks for the keen eye, Thomas), it was off to ride.  Austin offers a plethora of fantastic riding and running venues; today’s ride included the Southwest Parkway, which features some nice rolling hills, a fairly wide bike lane, and a tolerable amount of traffic.  

Here are Cassidy and Steve in the parking lot (yes, Cassidy raised his seat just after this was snapped):

In the Trigger Point Parking Lot

In the Trigger Point Parking Lot

And with that, they were off to ride.  Nothing like a quick 1-hour spin to clear the mind and refresh the soul.  It’s one of the perks that comes with working in this industry and working for a company like Trigger Point.  When the boss says, “Let’s ride,” we literally sprint to grab our gear and hit the road.  But be warned – Cassidy is fast, and even faster now thanks to that Litespeed… Poor Steve was caught off guard and had to crank it up to get on Cassidy’s back wheel:


And they're off!

And they're off!

So that’s about it!  If you’re heading out to the Ironman Oceanside event this coming weekend (April 3-5), drop by the Trigger Point booth and say “hello” to Cassidy and Thomas.  They’ll be more than happy to show you our products, “roll you out,” and time permitting, talk triathlons/bikes/racing.  And like we mentioned earlier, stay tuned to our sites for info on that new product – it’s going to be incredible!

We’ll leave you with one final shot of Cassidy’s new bike – that Easton fork (in flat black) compliments the menacing look…


We really need to name Cassidy's Bike...

We really need to name Cassidy's Bike...


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