A day in Austin

We spent the better part of Thursday visiting with some of our local account holders, and thought you might enjoy seeing some of the “behind the scenes” activity that goes into keeping everyone stocked, up to date, and happy with Trigger Point’s products.

Our first stop for the morning was at Crossfit Central.  Crossfit Central is one of the nation’s premiere Crossfit training facilities, and is headed-up by Jeremy Thiel and Carey Kepler.  As you can see from this photo, the Crossfit Central facility is quite the establishment:

crossfit_outsideCrossfit Central was bumpin’ – there were people training, phones ringing, and lots of activity taking place, so we didn’t take too much of their time.  We consulted with Jeremy about an upcoming Recovery Training class that will feature Trigger Point products (Jeremy has referred to Trigger Point’s Massage products as his “secret weapon” for dominating the Crossfit competition scene).  Here we are chatting with Jeremy about the event:

Monte, Cassidy, and Jeremy chattingAfter leaving Crossfit Central, we headed over to Rogue Training Systems.  Rogue is another huge believer, supporter, and retailer of Trigger Point products.  Here we see Cassidy and Monte (our new Texas Sales Manager) talking with Ruth about her “tired” QuadBallers.  We replaced a handful of them for her, as these had seen some serious use and were in need of a refresh.

Cassidy, Ruth, and Monte at Rogue Training SystemsFor most folks, a Quadballer, Footballer, or TP Massage Ball will provide nearly a lifetime of impeccable performance, but Ruth and her crew are such fans of the product that they incorporate them into a bunch of their classes and sessions.  As such, her equipment sees about 10-20 times more use per week than most folks could ever dream of.  So, fret not, Trigger Point products are designed and built to last – this is just an extreme implementation.

From Rogue, it was over to Advanced Rehabilitation, where we met with Brian.  Brian has “hands of steel” as described by Cassidy, so if you’re in need of a little massage therapy, look no further.  Here we can see Cassidy and Brian talking about Trigger Point products and how they’re incorporated into Brian’s day-to-day activity with his clients.

Brian and Cassidy at Advanced RehabAfter leaving Advanced Rehab, we called on our friends over at Jack and Adam’s bike shop, grabbed some lunch, and then got back to work.  We’d like to say “thanks again” to all of our wholesale partners, retail partners, affiliates, and international distributors – you’ve all helped us become the premiere provider of massage tools and education that support the Myofascial Release Massage Therapy.  And because of your continued support and wonderful suggestions, we’re on the verge of releasing our highly anticipated new product, which we call “The Grid.”  

Stay tuned for updates on The Grid!  And thanks again!!


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