Charlotte Paul Wins Ironman China

Charlotte to the right and her Husband Kristian to the left

Charlotte is a Trigger Point Athlete and her Husband is our Australian Distributor and Ironguides Coach.

We are so proud of her accomplishment.

In conditions rivaling the toughest of any Ironman on earth (with temperatures as high as 113 degrees F), Charlotte Paul and Rasmus Henning took the titles at the second running of Ironman China. Henning led from gun to finish in his first Ironman race. Though he struggled in the marathon (and cited that he missed a special needs bag), Henning won with a nearly 30 minute margin over second place Patrick Wallimann, with his time of 8:53:20. Wallimann’s time was 9:22:49, and Jozsef Major finished third in 9:38:52.

Coming back from what she thought was a disappointing race in New Zealand, Charlotte Paul ran her way from fourth off the bike to first place, with the fastest marathon overall (3:35:44), finishing in 9:48:14. Her time was good enough for fifth place overall, in an event that melted some of the best athletes in the world. Edith Niederfriniger finished second in 10:01:39, and Tereza Macel, who had led for the swim and the bike, finished third in 10:13:43.

K-Swiss Ironman China
April 19, 2009

1. Rasmus Henning 8:53:20
2. Patrick Wallimann 9:22:46
3. Mike Schifferle 9:28:49
4. Jozsef Major 9:38:52
5. Byung Hoon Park 9:57:10
6. Shigenobu Ikegata 9:59:55
7. Patrick Evoe 10:03:38
8. Assad Attamimi 10:06:24
9. Yoshiaki Teramoto 10:09:15
10. Petr Vabrousek 10:12:06

1. Charlotte Paul 9:48:14
2. Edith Niederfriniger 10:01:39
3. Tereza Macel 10:13:43
4. Donna Phelan 10:25:15
5. Kim Loeffler 10:29:53
6. hillary biscay 10:39:14
7. Lidia Rekas 10:50:13
8. Yvette Grice 11:05:43
9. Jocelyn Sui-Yee Wong 11:08:10
10. Megumi Kobayashi 11:14:26

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