Active Recovery and a Sneak Peek…


Question: what’s orange or black, round and tubular, features Trigger Point’s unique Distrodensity foam Matrix, and made a sneak debut at Crossfit Central’s Active Recovery workshop?

Answer: Trigger Point Performance’s The Grid (patent pending)

Trigger Point has been very fortunate to enjoy a wonderful relationship with the fine folks over at one of the country’s premiere CrossFit facilities, CrossFit Central, and as such we were both pleased and excited to provide them with a sneak peek of our highly anticipated new product, which we refer to as The Grid*.

The Grid has been in the research and development phase for quite some time, and we’re literally weeks away from launching it and making it available to the public.  Jeremy and the crew at CrossFit Central mentioned their week of Active Recovery classes, and we felt it would be a perfect opportunity to quietly debut the product to a very select group of individuals.  So, we loaded up the only known examples of The Grid* in existence and joined the Active Recovery class for a roll-out session.

Here you can see The Grid*, sitting conspicuously with CrossFit Central’s Trigger Point products.


Just waiting to be tested out...

Just waiting to be tested out...

The class kicked-off and the instructors asked Cassidy Phillips (our founder and CEO) to say a few words about The Grid*.  Cassidy made sure that everyone understood the principles and technologies involved with the product before letting them test The Grid*; he also made sure they realized how unique this opportunity was… 🙂


Explaining the details of The Grid

Cassidy explains the details of The Grid*

Class quickly got underway – they spent a solid 45 minutes rolling out and experiencing The Grid* firsthand.  There were plenty of “oohs” and “ahhs” and a few “eeks” – some of these folks had some pretty tense and sore muscles – but all reported fantastic results from their initial experience with The Grid*.  Here they are rolling out as a group:


Rolling through the pectoral muscles with The Grid

Rolling through the pectoral muscles with The Grid*

The 45 minutes passed quickly, and the results were impressive.  The feedback from the class attendees was incredible – the group loved the Distrodensity foam Matrix, the feedback, the versatility, the size, and most of all, the effectiveness of the product.  We can’t tell you how excited we are about The Grid* – it definitely lives up to its title as the revolutionary foam roller.  People asked (begged) to buy what few copies of The Grid* we had available, but alas, we had to decline their generous offers.  We’ll be working with CrossFit Central throughout the week and will continue to demonstrate The Grid* to folks that attend the Active Recovery classes.

We’ll leave you with a parting picture of Cassidy talking with Jeremy Thiel.  We’re not quite sure what they were discussing, but we’re sure it was business-related… 😉


Cassidy Phillips (left) speaks with Jeremy Thiel

Cassidy Phillips (left) speaks with Jeremy Thiel

Many thanks, once again, to our friends and colleagues at CrossFit Central – we appreciate your continued support, and we thank you for using and believing in our product.  It’s gratifying to see our products in use and to receive all of the positive feedback and information that we do in settings like this.  We’ll be at CrossFit Central a few more times this week, so be sure to drop in and check it out!


*The Grid is trademarked and patent pending by Trigger Point Performance.


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