Trigger Point at GSX Crossfit Games

Greetings from Fort Worth, Texas and the GSX Crossfit Games Southwest Regional Qualifier!  As you’ve noticed from previous entries, we’re making quite a splash in the world of Crossfit; people from all walks of life, various sports venues and arenas, from weekend warriors to hardcore, elite athletes – they all recognize the benefit of our products.  It’s quite rewarding to work with this wide variety of people, and it’s definitely opening our eyes to how our products help people no matter where their primary athletic focus may be.

We arrived in Fort Worth late last night, with our freshly wrapped/vinyled motorhome.  The ‘ole girl hasn’t been on the road for a few years, it was with a nervous stomach and a brave soul that we hit the road.  We’re pleased to report the RV has performed flawlessly, even despite the monsoon we faced (more on that in a bit!).  Here’s the RV at Trigger Point HQ, getting ready to hit the road.


The Trigger Point RV, Ready to Roll

The Trigger Point RV, Ready to Roll

We arrived at the GSX facility, and wow – talk about a great place.  You Fort Worth CrossFitters have an incredible facility to work out with.  Kudos to the staff at GSX for their facility and organization – everything was ready for us when we arrived, and everyone was helpful and accommodating.  We did a “dry run” of our set-up late Friday night, went to dinner, and hit the hay.  Our Saturday would start early.

And by 6:00am today (Saturday) we were up and at – hoisting signs, placing product, building shelves, and laying out our flooring.  The games started at aroun 7:30am, and we were ready – here we are at about 9:00am, working with tons of folks:


The Trigger Point RV was Rockin!

The Trigger Point RV was Rockin!

Response was more than favorable – the athletes were shocked by how effective their time with us was.  I can’t tell you how many people said, “WOW!  I had no idea it would be like that!”  With the busy competition schedule, we didn’t get to spend a ton of time with people, but we worked with and talked with at least 300 people – they were coming and going non-stop.

We worked with one athlete who had a particularly tight quad and soleus; after a few minutes on the Footballer and Quadballer, he was ready to rock.  He thanked us profusely and went out to the course.  Here he is in action:


Clean and Jerk with 315+ pounds...

Clean and Jerk with 155-lbs...

Everything was going great.  And then the rains came.  And by rains, we mean monsoons.  And by monsoons, we mean tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, strong winds, and bucket loads of lightning, thunder, and of course, rain.  They halted the games.  Tents blew everywhere (most broke into a ton of pieces first, then blew around); garbage cans sailed through the air; foam rollers were floating everywhere (seriously!).  The Trigger Point RV held fast – we got everything inside quickly and suffered minor carnage/damage – a few of our sign posts folded faster than a bad poker hand.


Carnage from the storm

Carnage from the storm

And now we’re sitting in the motorhome, waiting for the rains to pass.  They’ve resumed competition, but things are quite soggy, as you can see.  Don’t fret – we’ll be back in full strength tomorrow!


The Trigger Point RV held fast!  The signs... not so much.

The Trigger Point RV held fast! The signs... not so much.


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