Peg Mitchel’s Sprint To The Finish


This was one of those days when I was especially reminded of both my physical limitations (fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome), and my will to persevere. With a record high temperature of 91 degrees and sun, it was a drastic change from the 40 and 50 degree temperatures I have been riding in thus far this season.

Surprisingly our women’s field had over 40 riders, and I was expecting I’d do ok, although once again I was the sole rider from my team. Not knowing the course however, I was not quite prepared for several very steep climbs in the heat. The first of the three 11 or so mile laps I was able to pretty much hang on with the group until I realized I was dehydrated and was developing goose bumps and chills. I had to slow down, and with each mile I wondered if I could continue. I was 112 lbs of agony! Luckily I’d made friends with a rider on another team prior to the race (I did this for a reason!), and not only did she happen to find me alone and suffering on the course, much like herself, but someone from her club handed me a bottle in the feed zone which seriously saved my life! So with her help, along with the help of another struggling rider, we all worked together to finish the race.

Despite finishing far back from the field, I sprinted for the finish line just missing my goal of doing it in 2hrs or less! Luckily for me my finishing place is not usually the focus, although I don’t want to come in last! My focus is to participate, improve, persevere, always finish the race, and always sprint for the finish line…oh, and also to have fun along the way! I took 29th place today and am looking forward to my next race on the 9th. And of course I will be using my TP Therapy Products daily to help ‘Empower me to take care of myself and acheive goals I never thought possible’!


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