IM Florida 70.3


Trigger Point headed out to Disney World for the Ironman event last week. Though the weather was hot and humid Trigger Point came out in full force. The first day brought many athletes that needed help with all kinds of issues. We rolled them out and showed them how to maintain a healthy body.

The second day brought even more heat and humidity. Steve Ratchford, a TP sponsored athletes and expo staffer, had a tougher time dealing with the heat since he is from Chicago IL. He not only worked a great event, but also raced the event on Sunday. Steve may not have had his best race, but he pulled through the heat and exhaustion and came close to his goal.

We had several other sponsored athletes come by the booth, Hunter Reed and Alex McDonald to name just a few. They all had the same response when asked about the race. The heat and humidity was a killer, but it was a good training race. Many of them will be at IM Coeur d’Alene and we will look forward to seeing them succeed there.



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