Sprint DU – Multisport Mayhem

48035-023-025fAfter a hard week of work and training, Guy Petruzzelli a sponsored Trigger Point athlete,  headed to Central IL, for a sprint DU – Multisport Mayhem in Mattoon, IL.

“It was a Tri/Du combo so, it was good to see how I would match up with running and riding with triathletes and to see how the legs were doing. The course is not super hard, however, Saturday morning brought cold temps, and howling 25-30 mph winds. As is typical with Spring racing in the Mideast, the winds were also gracious enough to be swirling, so you never really got a tailwind for any substantial period of time.

The first run went as I expected, with the first mile plus, into the wind, and a cross wind, with me hitting T1 in 2nd and feeling relatively decent. Hit the bike, and rode as hard as possible, passing lots of triathletes, and chasing down the guy leading the Du.

Now, the bike would have been a lot more tolerable if it wasn’t resembling the Team Time trial from the Giro D’Italia. I know the country roads weren’t closed off, but, when I caught the leader, I felt like I was his lead out man for the sprint at the end of a stage. I thought about pulling up to see what he would do, but, into the head wind I knew I would come to a standstill.

I finally just hammered the last mile into T2, and took off on the run. Same course, same wind. I was hurting a bit, but started to come around, when this guy came back on me. He even thanked me for pulling! We raced to the line, but he got me. After I crossed, he saw I was pissed, so, he came over to congratulate me, and thank me again for pulling and protecting him from the wind. I kid you not. The idiot didn’t realize the RD was right there, as were about 5 other people who were stunned he thought this was ok. He got a 3 min penalty, and I got the win.
TPT 016Its not really the way I wanted to win, but, it was a win. Its my fault for not really dropping him sooner and running his race instead of my own. So, there’s your lesson – always race your race, not someone else’s. Yeah, he may have got his, but I still believe if you race your race, you’ll feel better no matter what the result.”


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