TP Athletes in Action!!

Prize purse

As you all know, Trigger Point loves to see our athletes out getting it done.  Linsey Corbin has been hard at working this season training up there in Big Sky Country.  Look for some big results from her this month at the Boise and Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 races!  Good luck Linsey!!

Here’s what she’s been up to;

Over the weekend I participated in Montana’s Cow Country Classic bike race.
Dubbed the “hardest road race” in Montana. I just finished up a big block of
cycling-focused training, so I knew the opportunity to do a hard and hilly
race would be right up my alley.

I woke up an hour before my alarm clock went off on Sunday like a kid on
Christmas morning. I could not wait to race!! It has been since April 6th
since my last competitive event, and let me tell you — I had some pent up
energy ready to burst at the seams!! It is good to know that my passion for
racing is still there. In a big way. I just love it.

Since I don’t do too many cycling races, I raced for myself – I had 3 goals for the race: first was not to wreck, second
was to get in a great workout and make the other girls hurt, and third was
to get a decent result.

I donned my race number –  747 and was ready to work hard like an airplane
for all 56 miles of the hilly and challenging race. I did more than my fair
share of work at the front of the race and had a lot of fun putting in a few
too many attacks and watching the field get smaller and smaller with each
climb. Headed into the final climb with 6 miles to go, it was down to just
three of us.

I made a tactical error at the top of the climb as I had made about a 30
second break on the other two women, but one of which was one of my training
partners from Missoula. We had talked about my being her “domestique Corbin”
so I slowed at the top for her to catch back up. I should have known that as
a triathlete I can TT with the best of them, but I for sure can’t sprint
with the best of them. With an uphill finish I ended up 3rd in a painful
sprint finish. My big prize purse was a $20 bill. I think I better stick to

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