Gearing up for Ironman Coeur d’ Alene

-From the Team Timex Blog-

Trista’s Training Camp; Timex, Trek, Trigger Point and TIM!


This camp for my Ironman Coeur d’ Alene athletes had been 11 months in the making after my athlete Bob McRae proposed the idea to me. It was a 10 day camp located in Boulder, Colorado. The camp included two days with Gordo Byrn, Mental Skills from Bobby McGee and OURS Truly… Timex Team Member Tim Hola. We had 8 training days, 30 hours and endless fun. I broke away occasionally for my own training and rode with Brian Schaning and ran into Dennis Meeker at the pool.


Heading out for a ride..then run


It was such a great opportunity to spend some quality one on one time with some of my athletes. I was able to show them the benefits of the Trigger Point System vs. the traditional foam roller and each athlete is excited to purchase their own TP ( I also had my handy dandy Nathan Speed R3 hydration belt for our long runs as it has now become my running buddy. My athletes were also very impressed with the up close and personal views of the Orange Trek TTX SSL…. in fact, they were trying to negotiate with me all week as to if I didn’t run a certain pace, or clean my plate… the bike was theirs. NOT A FAT CHANCE 😉 so instead we took a slight detour and I drove them past the new Trek store in Boulder.  My TIMEX RACE Trainer didn’t go unnoticed either as it is the sleekist HR monitor on the market… it definately has the cute factor going on!


Teaching athlete proper use of the foot baller…


It was great having Tim with us for a couple of days, to not only spread some more of the Timex love… but he also rode, ran, and ice bathed in the river with the athletes while he shared his experience and tips in the sport of triathlon…


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