Trigger Point and Team Timex


Trigger Point if very proud of our relationship with the Timex Multisport Team.  They have seen a great season so far and have posted some big results in every distance of race imagineable.  You can keep track of the team at

With the amount of training these folks are doing it is imperative to focus on muscle recovery and function.  We have been keeping the team stocked up with TP gear and here are few testimonials about the benefits they have seen from Rolling!!

“Trigger Point products have helped me recover from various injuries and taught me what my body needs to stay healthy and injury-free. Regularly working on areas that are not always sore or painful has been key in preventing injuries as well as keeping my muscles relaxed and refreshed. Because it’s so compact, I don’t ever travel without it!”

–    Erin Kummer (Timex Xterra athlete)

“I use Trigger Point every day, sometimes several times a day.  There is no doubt that this product is allowing me to train harder/longer than ever before without the nagging worry of injury.  After struggling with a tight lower back/hip, I now have this under control thanks to Trigger Point.   Trigger Point allows you to work problem areas yourself, without having to spend the money on massage therapy on a regular basis.  It is also super easy to use, and convenient to transport.  No excuses now!!!”

–    Janelle Morrison (Pro triathlete)

“As a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist I recommend TP products to many of my patients since I myself use them to take my training and racing to the next level”

–    Dr. Brian Schaning, PT, DPT, CSCS

“You can spend hundreds of hours training for a race but going into a race injured will have more of an effect on your performance as compared to going into a race under trained.  The Trigger Point massage ball has helped me cure my two year battle with plantar fasciitis and I now feel that I am heading into races better prepared than ever.”

–    Kyle Marcotte (6th place 2008 Ironman Canada)

Congrats to Team Timex

Keep on Rolling!!


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