Checking in with Linsey Corbin

TP roller Linsey Corbin has had a great season so far and she is currently fine tuning for Kona.

Below are some updates on her season

Calgary 088 07-28-49

I am back in Montana after a 5th place finish at the Calgary 70.3. There is no use sugar-coating it, I am hardly “over-the-moon” with this result. When I race, I race to win. I know what I am capable of, I know how I have trained, and you can bet that every time I toe the starting line, it is for the win.

I am a definite “by-the-numbers” gal. It is something definitive that you can control. Now that I have had a day or so to look back and reflect on my race and put it all into perspective I have come to realize that although the overall result wasn’t what I wanted… things are right on track for me:

Last year, I never raced under 4:30 for a half. This year, I have yet to go over 4:30.
Last year, I never swam under 30 minutes for a half. This year, I have been under that.
Last year I couldn’t bike under 2:30 for a half, this year it hasn’t been a problem.
Last year I never ran under 1:25 for a half, this year I have run 1:21.

My ultimate goal is Kona. I am the type of athlete that doesn’t slow down once I get going. I have been putting in a few great weeks of Ironman training and I think things are headed in the right direction. Sunday was a good reminder to focus on myself, and the things that I can control… rather than my competition (who just happened to kick my ass sideways).

Thanks for your support! Next up: Lake Stevens 70.3.


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