Trigger Point at IDEA World Fitness Convention

We just got back from Anaheim, CA, land of sunshine, beaches and Disneyland!  This past weekend it was also home to the IDEA World Fitness Convention held at the Anaheim Convention Center.  Anyone who is anyone in the world of fitness was there and we got to showcase The Grid and our Performance Kits to all of them.   We got to roll out hundreds of fitness enthusiasts and empower them to take care of their bodies with our TP Products!

IMG_6378 IMG_6380

Cassidy put on a promotional seminar to a packed house and demonstrated the versatility and effectiveness of SMRT CORE, our program that uses The Grid to combine self myofascial release therapy, SMRT, and core stability exercises, CORE.  People were amazed at our patent pending P3 pushup and we sold completely out of product.  In fact, we had to overnight more Grids to the event and we ended up selling over 200 of them during the 4 day convention!!

IMG_6390 IMG_6388

It was a great experience for us and everyone who stopped by was amazed, not only at the versatility of The Grid but also with the effectiveness of our core products and performance kits.  If you haven’t seen or heard about this Revolutionary Foam Roller visit and click on the SMRT CORE logo!

Keep on Rolling!

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