Interview with Trigger Point Sponsored Athlete, Joel Rosinbum

Trigger Point just recently picked up a new sponsored athlete, Joel Rosinbum.  Joel completes in the paratriathlon event and just recently returned from the ParaTriathlon ITU World Championship on September 12th in Gold Coast, Australia where he finished 8th overall!

He’s got a great story that we wanted to share. Read below,

“Choosing Not to be a Victim”

On March 2, 2007 Joel was out skiing. The snow was very deep that day and one of his skis hit something buried underneath the snow.   His ski came off and he was thrown head first into a tree.  He suffered 8 broken ribs, a punctured lung, broke his shoulder blade in 3 places and paralyzed his right arm.

Joel was always into athletics. He was a rower in college and became a rowing coach after graduation.  He was just starting to get into triathlons before his accident. Just three weeks before the accident he had bought his first tri-bike.

After the accident, that tri-bike sat there and taunted him.  He was determined to prove to himself that he can still do what he wants to do even with this disability.

•    In August of 2007, he had nerve surgery in St Louis that restored some function of his right arm.
•    In Feb/March of 2008 he found someone who makes slings for athletes who don’t have shoulder and elbow control.  With the sling he started running again.
•    He finished the Portland Marathon in October 2008.
•    After the Portland Marathon he regained flexion and extension of his elbow and no longer needed the sling. At this time his promise to his mother to not get on a bike anymore expired.
•    So, he got back on his bike and got back in the water.
•    In February of this year, he started doing local bike racing.
•    He completed his first paratriathlon earlier this year.

•    In July, Joel became the reigning champion in the US ParaTriathlon National Championship in the Tri4 Category (arm impairment).
•    Winning nationals gave him the opportunity to represent the US at the ParaTriathlon ITU World Championship on September 12th in Gold Coast, Australia He just got back from the race and came in 8th overall.

Joel began using Trigger Point products in June of this year. He currently uses the TP footballer, the ball, and the quad roller.

Before he started using Trigger Point products his legs were always tight and sore. Now he finds that his legs are much looser.  He uses the products especially on off training days.  Doing that, he no longer carries over training fatigue from one week to the next. Before using Trigger Point products he was having some foot problems. But, since he started using the TP Footballer these problems have disappeared. Joel always carries his Trigger Point products with him whenever he travels.

•    Joel is qualified to compete in the 2010 ParaTriathlon World Championship and will be busy training for the big event taking place in Budapest next September.
•    He’s also submitting his application to join the ParaTriathlon national team.

Best of luck Joel!  Continued success and keep on rolling!!


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