Ironman Arizona

When it comes to Triathlon, our products and winning this weekend was a great example. Jordan Rapp and Samantha McGlone both set course records while winning Ford Ironman Arizona. The two champions both used the day’s fastest bike splits to overcome a competitive field in Tempe, Arizona.

The great thing for us is it wasn’t only Samantha that used our products in the womens field Linsey Corbin, Kate Major and Gina Kehr all use our products as well.

Here is the coolest part for me. We have no formal agreement with any of these athlete, they use our products because they work. So for all of you out there that wonder what our products do just take a look at the talent that are using them, we provide the massage they provide the performance.

We provide confidence and security within the muscle by allowing you to massage  your muscles whenever, wherever, at whatever pressure you want. It’s difficult to find the right massage therapist, so when you find one keep them, but when you can’t get to them use our products.

It’s like this we brush our teeth everyday to keep the plaque off our teeth, yet you still go to the dentist to get the real work done, When it comes to your muscles do the same thing, brush them everyday, and go to your therapist when you need the real work done.


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