Trigger Point’s for the Holidays!!

As we move into the Holidays we all need to be aware of what travel does to the body. You’ve got to think about your hydration during the holidays being that we are typically running around like a chicken with our head cut off trying to get all of the last minute shopping done.

Most of you are either going to travel by plane or car to get to your holiday destination, once in motion it’s typical to forget about your bodies biomechanics. Reality, if you can’t breath, you can’t perform, nor can you recover from your daily challenges. So you must remember to keep that diaphragm open, no slouching, so that your muscles are getting all the O2’s they deserve. The more blood and oxygen that’s pumped through the tissue the more likely the muscles are going to respond in a desirable way. If you limit the amount of blood and oxygen going to the muscles in specific areas, and you apply the realities of dehydration, muscular challenge can occur. Trigger Points, muscles spasms and general discomfort can be the result of not taking care of yourself. Easy, self massage techniques can aid in eliminating trigger points and muscle spasms.

Trigger Point Performance

Time to address your Trigger Points with Self Massage

After reviewing the Trigger Points in the diagram above, think about the necessity of our TP Massage Ball for the Holidays. Apply pressure to the back with the TP Massage Ball by gaining leverage over your airplane seat, car seat, chair wall or a floor. As you can see there are colored pin points for the actual trigger point, and the colors radiate out from their colored pin points to show the discomfort that can be associated. Reality is once you have one trigger point in the muscle tissue you can have several others without ever knowing where the latent trigger points are, so holding the TP Ball in place for 5-7 seconds as the trigger point releases is a great way to address the tissue, but don’t stop there go ahead and do the same techniques throughout the area so that you know you are addressing the muscles group versus just a specific area defined by the chart above.

Bottom line you brush your teeth everyday for a purpose, that’s to keep the plaque off your teeth.  You have to do the same thing for your muscle tissue, it just makes since.

Here is a video giving you great tips regarding the information above:


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