Free your shoulder!!

Austin, Texas Dec 13th

We had a great U6 RE-GEN training class here in Austin, there were fitness enthusiasts from all over the city here to take this one day class. There was a tremendous amount of information covered over the entire day, one of the great images we are able to share with you is what we can do for shoulder functionality when massaging the muscles in the chest.

As we massage Pec major and minor the shoulder is able to rotate back naturally allowing the should to function more optimally. At the same time we are going to take away the stress of the upper back by massaging the areas. Once this area gets tight it is going to pull the shoulder forward, forcing the muscles in the upper back to lengthen past their capacity, once they’ve been in that position for a prolong period of time, muscle spasms, trigger Points and scar tissue can develop.  No one wants a dysfunctional shoulder, imagine a baseball player with greater range of motion, a swimmer or triathlete, what about all you crossfitters out there with all of your Olympic lifting.

Above you will see several of the movements and massage patterns we took the the arm and product through to get the relief discussed. These are movements that are typically done with the aid of a practitioner or someone else. You can get the same awesome benefits with our self massage techniques.

When it’s all said and done we open up the lung capacity, allow the shoulder to have more freedom while at the same freed up the upper back. Take a look at the last image and you can see how dramatic of a change there is between the two shoulders.


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