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Trigger Point Performance Joins Forces with Craig Alexander

Trigger Point Performance, a global leader in personal performance massage and therapy products, announced today that it has formalized a partnership with two-time Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander. The decision to partner with Trigger Point was a natural progression for Alexander (“Crowie”), a longtime user of Trigger Point products. Due to his experience with the products, Crowie has a passion for educating the endurance sports market on the benefits of self-massage.

Cassidy Phillips, Founder of Trigger Point Performance, first met Crowie in 2004 at the Olympic Trials in Bellingham, Washington. At the time, Crowie’s performance suffered due to biomechanical challenges that restricted his ability to reach his athletic potential. Phillips recognized a critical need for massage therapy, which would improve Crowie’s muscular, structural, and mechanical weaknesses, resulting in increased performance output. “After analyzing Alexander’s functional movement, I knew that our therapy tools would empower him to improve his biomechanics and overall performance through self-massage,” said Phillips.

Crowie’s commitment to use the travel-friendly and innovative injury prevention tools twice daily resulted in an injury-free 2004 season that was also one of his best. Today, as the reigning 2-time Ironman World Champion, Crowie has the resources to use a massage therapist on a regular basis, but he still relies on Trigger Point products for daily maintenance and when he’s on the road. He comments, “I spend six to seven months traveling during the year and these tools are invaluable for staying injury-free and healthy, which are key to great performances.”


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