Former USMC and CrossFit Athlete Rolls with Trigger Point Performance

Melissa Knourek is a former member of the United States Marine Corp.  She proudly served our country until the day a shoulder injury ended her career.  She once wondered if she would ever return to an active life-style, but CrossFit and Trigger Point Performance Therapy have provided her the platform to become a competitive, fire-breathing athlete, once again.

She shared with us that her right shoulder blade has very limited mobility due to shoulder reconstruction surgery.  She describes it as being “surgically locked in place.”  This causes her a great deal of pain and tension throughout her shoulder region.  The daily use of Trigger Point Therapy has become part of her life-style.  She describes working through the trigger points in her shoulder as “uncomfortable, but very much worth the long-term relief and shoulder mobility she receives.”

Melissa is also familiar with our Revolutionary Foam Roller, the Grid.  She shares, “I also use the Grid for my entire body…. the relief/recovery this provides is pivotal to my success at CrossFit and just overall well being from soreness caused by my injury and workouts.  Part of our daily work-out (WOD) includes 5 minutes worth of rolling out – MANDATORY! On my rest days, sometimes I just go into the Gym just to roll out knowing it will help with the recovery and ability to move with ease.”

Melissa, we wish you the best of luck as you prepare for the 2010 CrossFit Sectionals!  Thanks for rolling with Trigger Point Performance Therapy.


2 thoughts on “Former USMC and CrossFit Athlete Rolls with Trigger Point Performance

  1. I have purchased the hip and lower back TP therapy kit. How can I work my hams? How about traps and terres (both major and minor) muscles?

    • Lorene,

      Thank you for contacting us directly. I am more than happy to answer your question regarding the hamstrings, traps, and terres muscles.

      Pain in the hamstrings is most frequently associated with a biomechanic inefficiency related to your pelvic tilt. For this reason, we prefer to address any issue, including that in the hamstrings, from the ground up. The soleus muscle, which controls dorsiflexion of the foot, can cause an unnatural foot strike when it is loses its pliability. As a result of tension and scar tissue in this area, the knee is forced to thrust forward, putting greater demand on the quad and IT band. When these areas lose elasticity, the distance between the pelvis and the knee shortens. This causes the pelvis to tilt forward, resulting in overstretched hamstrings.

      As you can see through this chain reaction, hamstring issues are influenced by biomechanical deficiencies that are caused by a pelvic tilt. We prefer to address the cause of the problem, rather than the area in which the problem is being reflected. We caution against aggravating the muscle fibers in the hamstring itself in an attempt to avoid further irritation. If you feel you must massage your hamstrings, we encourage you to do do so using our Grid, rather than the products you received in your Hip and Lower Back Kit.

      In regards to your traps and terres muscles you will want to use the TP massage balls in these regions. There are a couple of Trigger Point diagrams on the left menu bar on our main page ( These images should help you target the areas that will make the greatest impact using myofascial compression techniques (MCT). You can use the ball between you and the wall or the ground in order to apply pressure in these areas. We will be providing more upper body content on the blog, including images, in the very near future.

      If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Best of luck in your training endeavors!


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