Making Changes

There are common biomechanical inefficiencies suffered by a majority of athletes; these chronic issues can be caused by: adhesion of the fascia among skeletal muscle, overworked/imbalanced muscle tissue, and over compensation by one particular muscle group due to a particular sport and/or exercise.

After years of football, traditional weightlifting, and now CrossFit, Web Smith’s muscles are laced with scar-tissue and adhesions.  Web has struggled from chronic back pain and stiff shoulders since college, but assumed there was little he could do to remedy these issues without laying off the weights completely (clearly not an option).  He joined Cassidy Phillips, Trigger Point Performance Therapy CEO, in hopes of addressing these issues and within minutes, literally, his body began transforming right before our eyes.

The lengthening of his pectoralis major and lattisimus dorsi allowed for improved shoulder mobility and a much greater ease in the overhead squat postion, allowing him the ability to maintain an upright torso.  This improved biomechanical position allowed him greater lung capacity by allowing his diaphragm to be released from unnecessary compression.

Furthermore, massage targeting his psoas and through his rectus abdominus and exterior obliques imporved his posture and allowed lengthening to occur through his mid-section.  As a result, lordosis of his lower back and positioning of his shoulders and neck improved tremendously.  Interestingly, the definition in his abdominal region also improved as a result of the myofascial release.

Through the daily use of Trigger Point products he can ultimately lengthen his muscles, improve his biomechanics, and enhance his performance.  In conclusion, these types of results can be expected when targeting the following areas:

  • Pectarolis major
  • Pectarolis minor
  • Lattisimus dorsi
  • Psoas
  • Rectus abdominus
  • Exterior obliques

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