The Inner Quad

Rolling through the vastus medialis and sartorius muscles of the upper leg can offer great relief to the knee.

The vastus medialis is one of the four quadriceps muscles and is often referred to as the “tear drop” muscle.  It originates in the femur, inserts in the patella, and is one of the knee extensors.

The sartorious, which is the longest muscle in the human body, runs from the iliac on the pelvis to the tibia.  This long, thin muscle plays a part in hip and knee flexion.

When rolling through these areas you will want to use the same slow, controlled movement Trigger Point Performance Therapy recommends when rolling through the Quadriceps and IT Band.  When moving up the inner quad, gradually roll up using the 2 inches up, 1 inch back method.


One thought on “The Inner Quad

  1. Hi,
    After all this time, I just discovered your blog link! I offer fascial stretch therapy to my clients and have a question regarding the sartorius when the hip is in full flexion. At times my clients complain of tightness and pain in the front of the fully flexed hip. Can you tell me how to explain why this might be? Trigger points in RF or sartorius? It seems to me that when fully flexed, there are a number of muscles that get “bunched together” and a trigger point would exasperate the feeling.

    Thank you for all your great blogs,

    San Diego

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