Taking TP Therapy to IMG Academy

As the Education Coordinator with Trigger Point Performance Therapy I am able to pursue many amazing opportunities – whether it be attending the historic Boston Marathon, participating in the world-renowned IHRSA fitness convention, or most recently, sharing Trigger Point Performance Therapy with CrossFit athletes and strength and conditioning staff at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL.

Last week as I joined some of the top CrossFit Games competitors for an Under Armour 360 Combine to put our athletic skills to the test in a world-class facility.  Having implemented Trigger Point Performance Therapy products and methodologies into my training over the last several months, I had the privilege of sharing their benefit with others, including IMG strength coach, Jeff Dillman, and 2009 CrossFit Games Champion, Tanya Wagner, as she was suffering some pain in her right arm.

As the athletes and I prepared for our various fitness assessments, we took full advantage of the TPPT products in an effort to prep our muscles for the tasks they were about to endure.  All in all, it was an awesome experience and I look forward to moving forward and developing well established relationships with IMG Academy, Under Armour, and the many CrossFit affiliates that were represented at this event!

In the image above, Strong Man Contender and 2009 CrossFit Games competitor, Rob Orlando, uses The Grid on his lower back.  The image on the left shows  2008 CrossFit Games Champion and former WNBA basketball player, Caity Matter Henninger, as she works through a tight calf muscle with the help of the Quadballer and TP Massage Ball.  Best of luck to you both as you prepare for the 2010 CrossFit Games!


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