Matthew’s Incredible Story

The entire Trigger Point team was extremely moved by one young boy’s story of incredible strength fighting a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer. We were all touched to hear how our product is empowering Matthew and his family to use self-message to aid in his recovery.

Here’s the letter from Matthew’s mother that really tugged at our heart strings:

He is a wonderful little spirit who is full of zest, zeal and determination. Before the cancer he was an avid swimmer, actor with our local theater group and a Best in Show winner for agricultural entries in the Placer Co. Fair where we live.

He had his first surgery on his right femur in January 2010. This was what lead to the diagnosis of Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a rare and extremely aggressive form of bone cancer. The tumor cells in the femur had begun to spread to the surrounding muscle tissue so quite a bit had to be removed. He was put on strict Physical Therapy orders restricting no more than tiptoe pressure on the floor while using the walker. The procedure and the furthered orders for restricted activity seemed to aggravate the issue. It got so bad he couldn’t straighten his leg completely.

My husband and I are distance runners and frequently shop at our nearby Fleet Feet. That is when I found the foot and lower leg kit so we bought it hoping it would help. Boy, did it ever! I picked it up on a Thursday night and by the following Monday when PT came by to evaluate, they were blown away. He regained 60% of his range of motion almost overnight. It was also very soothing and bonding for us to be able to massage him with the TP ball and not cause him pain.

On May 12th we took him for a limb salvage surgery which included an open excision of the affected right femur, replacement with cadaver bone, titanium rod, 3 screws and a spica body cast to hold it all in place. He requested the TP ball come with us and once again it amazed the PT crew and Surgeon too. He had such bad swelling in his right foot they thought they were going to have to clip the cast a bit. Not after we worked on it during our stay there.

Even though we use it in many more ways than the brochure shows, it continues to help us gain awesome results on a daily basis. Thank you so much for your product and your prayers.

The Trigger Point team wishes you all the best in your health and recovery Matthew!


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