The Pectoralis Muscles

The pectorlis muscles in the chest are a main area of focus in our Ultimate Six Kit and DVD.  The pecs are considered a major player for efficient biomechanics and movement in everyday life.  Tightness and adhesions in the pec muscles can cause the shoulders to roll forward.  In turn, dysfunction in the pecs may also lead to shoulder pain, neck pain, upper back pain, and even breathing and posture issues.

A strained pectoral muscle is commonly referred to as a pulled chest muscle. This is caused by long-term overuse or by a traumatic event, such as, a football player taking a hard blow to the upper body.  Symptoms of a pulled chest include severe pain in the chest area, swelling or bruising that may extend into the shoulder and upper arm, and a loss in muscular strength.

Trigger Point Performance Therapy can help reduce the risk of injury through a proper warm-up regimen and releasing scar tissue and adhesions on a daily basis. Using the TP Massage Ball on your pectoral muscles can help keep the muscle tissue pliable, helping to reduce the chance of a strain occurring.

Working through the pectoralis muscles:

  • Stand, or sit, up straight with the TP massage ball in the palm of the hand on the same side as the pectoral you are working on.
  • Place the Ball about an inch in from your’ under arm.
  • Place your opposite hand on top of your hand holding the Massage Ball to apply more pressure.
  • Lift your elbows as high as possible for best results and slowly massage a small area of your pectoral. Usually for about 1-2 minutes while taking slow controlled deep breathes.
  • Move your arm through a range of motion post manipulation to allow greater blood flow to the region

Upon completing this manipulation, you will often be able to visually notice a difference in shoulder height, due to the release of the muscle tissue and its ability to resume a neutral state.


One thought on “The Pectoralis Muscles

  1. Thank you so much for this information! my son has just been through hell and back having an brain aneurysm last September, and was suffering with his shoulder recently, and it did worry him as it affected his breathing and mobilization, but this put mine and my sons mind at ease, it is put so well together and simply! excellent!!

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