Our Mission- Not Just a Statement

Our mission here at Trigger Point Performance Therapy is to provide the most practical style of therapy to be understood by anyone in need of a lifestyle change, performance enhancement, or general wellness. We love to hear that our mission is more than just a statement on paper. Read the reviews below and see how we’re changing lives!

“I have spent years building a Sports Injury practice focused on runners and triathletes, and have seen ALL of the other home-care products come and go. I can tell you that Trigger Point products are both utilized in my clinic and recommended for home use with EVERY patient. Strongly recommended.”    –  Dallas, TX

“I use this product with all of my clients (I am a trainer).  This product makes movement more effective … and it helps relieve pain symptoms, in conjunction with the right movement/exercises. I wouldn’t train without one of these!”    –  Avalon, CA

“Visited your tent at the Ironman Wisconsin Expo/Sept. 2009 and explained my psoas muscle/ running “issue” to one of your reps. She demonstrated the TP Massage Ball exercises and then had me do it as well. I purchased the ball and did as she had instructed then went on a 9 mile run that day and had complete relief of any pain with my psoas muscle. I thank you all for your help and introducing me to this wonderful product. I swear it is what got me through the Twin Cities Marathon Oct. 4, 2009. It’s been my savior!!!”     –  Minneapolis, MN

“I love this roller! Gone are the times people stand abuse from the white and black foam rollers… I have been looking for this product forever…… I highly recommend anyone and all my clients this product!”    –  Greenwich, CT

“I purchased the Hip and Lower Back one week ago. I found each item to be well made and durable. The video is clear and concise. I’ve used the product faithfully – twice a day, for the past seven days. I know I am standing straighter and taller. I have begun a walking and running program again, after a 2 month lay-off due to foot, shin and knee pain. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to take charge of their pain. The cost may seem high, but how far would that would money go if you had to pay for a massage everyday? There is no magic formula when it comes to pain; but this is certainly a useful tool on the path to healing. The information on the website on Left Drivers Leg Syndrome was helpful also. I am stoked about Trigger Point Products and know that I will continue to use them in the years to come. Thanks for a great system and for helping me get back to an active life!”     –  Dunedin, FL

“I love my Quadballer. It’s really made a difference in my IT Bands and I’ve eliminated my knee pain while running. I used to think that my IT bands were beyond repair but the Quadballer has really helped.”     –  Toronto


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