U6+ Courses in Connecticut A Success!

Last weekend we offered two courses in the New England cities of Hartford and New London, Connecticut .  These were the first courses we have offered outside the state of Texas in over two years, and they were both a success.  Over 15 individuals joined our growing list of Trigger Point Approved trainers, coaches, and practitioners, in the fitness and wellness industries.

The course in New London was hosted by New London CrossFit and helped to forge a continuing relationship between the CrossFit community and Trigger Point Performance Therapy.  Co-owner Eddie Edwards and Aaron Meredith are eager to implement Trigger Point Performance Therapy into their training facility.

The following  day, Fleet Feet Hartford hosted a course in the nearby Fitness Continuum facility.  Store manager, Stephanie Blozy, enthusiastically gathered numerous individuals in her community to take part in our course.  She looks forward to sharing the knowledge she gained with her staff and customer base.

Thanks to all who chose to be a part of our continuing education program!  We look forward to hearing your stories about the impact our product and methodologies are making in the Northeast!

If you are interested in hosting a course, please check out our Continuing Education page, or contact Lindsey at Lindsey@tptherapy.com.


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