Corbin Takes 3rd in the Calgary 70.3

Read Lindsey Corbin’s latest race update below. You can feel the optimism in the air! She’s determined to place top three at every race the rest of the season leading up to Kona and her confidence and determination are infectious!

Hello from Missoula, Montana!

I am writing to fill you in on the latest adventures of Linsey Corbin.

First off, I am back after a solid 3rd place finish at the Calgary 70.3 in Alberta, Canada. I can’t say this was my best performance, but I can also say it was not my worst. I set a goal to finish in the top-3 in every event this year and with the exception of Wildflower (everyone is allowed one mess-up…. right?) things are right on track. I pride myself on being “Consistent Corbin” and sometimes it takes your best effort to come out on top. I didn’t reach the 3rd place position until a few miles before the finish line. The silver lining of it all, is that a lot of satisfaction can be attained from not giving up until the very end. Digging deep like that hurt, but it was worth it to keep my podium streak alive.

Secondly, its a great month to be Linsey Corbin (and all of you!). I am featured in two magazines this month. I am on the cover of Triathlon Canada and Inside Triathlon. Tj Murphy and John Segesta from Inside Triathlon came all the way out to Missoula to follow me around and do a feature story on me in the magazine. The article and photos turned out great, and I always enjoy representing all of you as best as I can.

Finally, from here on out my focus is on one goal, Ironman Hawaii. Kona has been my goal the entire year with lots of little stops along the way. I am fit, fresh, healthy, and surrounded by an incredible support network. As I head into my Kona build, I have the utmost confidence in myself, all of you, my coach – Matt Dixon & his training plan, and that I am training & racing on the best gear around. Thanks for being a part of the team!

There are a few exciting things coming up for me: an all-new webpage thanks to Six Pony Hitch, building up my custom Scott Plasma 3 for its Hawaii debut and finally racing one of my favorite events on the circuit, the Lake Stevens 70.3.

Until next time – lets keep up the great work!

Linsey Corbin


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